MORINGA SALAD (kwadon zogale)

Zogale or moringa is one of the ancient food known for its vast health benefits. Its called the tree of life . Its been said to be very nutritious and contains antioxidants . The leave and pod of the tree are widely used for traditional herbal medicine as powder or supplements.
I always recall growing up and seeing my mom eating zogale amd other vegetables like yadiya 😃 though they were never my favorites but as i grow to to know the health benefits of each food i eat they became one of my favourites. And i gradually started enjoing the deliciousness they have.

Kwadon zogale (moringa salad) is made with tomatoes onion and kuli kuli (a snacks made from peanut) its grinded into powdered form .

Kuli kuli
Kuli kuli (peanut snack or peanut ball)




Black pepper

Red chili powder

Tomatoes chopped

Onion chopped

Green bell pepper chopped

Kuli kuli (peanut snack)

A little oil

1 tsp water

  1. Remove the moringa leaves from the stems, wash and lay in a pot add water and a little drop of pottash cover and cook till leaves are tender. Or you can just use a steaming pot to steam it till done.
  2. Drain and set aside to cool
  3. Mean while grind the kuli kuli
  4. Mix the kuli kuli with salt red chili blackpeper
  5. Add water and oil mix ,set aside
  6. Chop the vegetables add to the moringa leaves 
  7. Now top with the kuli kuli mixture, using a spoon mix 
  8. Serve like that or as a side for rice 


Kwadon zogale with kuli kuli

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